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You can interact with my words!

My sense of play carries over into literal play-things as well. Check back on this page for more info as projects develop.

Doom's Bay Preppers 
RPG launching on in May

In this upcoming table-top RPG, you've got to rely on your good looks and questionable amount of lifeguard training to survive the total suckfest that is the apocalypse. Each catastrophic B-movie scenario could totally ruin your summer vacation, but thankfully, through a mix of hotness, resources, and the help of your fellow lifeguards, you just may last long enough to hit up the afterparty.

Want to hear when the project goes live? GREAT! I want to tell you! Fill out my contact form and I'll personally email you when the is live.

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Pique App

The Pique app was a behavioral science app made by Behavioral Science researchers and professors at Harvard School of Business and University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I was the app's writer and community manager -- prioritizing the app's approachable voice to ensure that users were open to learning and laughing.

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