Looking for jokes? I am a Features Contributor for The Onion. I've had pieces in The New York Times Loose EndsThe New Yorker Daily Shouts, and McSweeney’sIn 2020, I was one of the Managing Editors for The Belladonna.

Looking for copy-editing? I also currently serve as a writing consultant for Pique, a behavioral science app, where I write in-app copy, blog posts, and social media copy. You can also find me writing copy, editing websites, and managing communications as a Communications Manager at Northwestern University.


Looking for projects that fit in neither of those categories, but that I still enjoyed working on? I served as a research assistant/editor for the book Public Policy Skills in Action: A Pragmatic Introduction and have a chapter in the book Laughter, Outrage and Resistance: Post-Trump TV Satire in Political Discourse and Dissent.

Was this all a lot and you're looking for 280 characters or less of me? You can find me on Twitter @pattyterhune.


Me with brown hair. Photo courtesy of my day-job.